Single Components

We develop and manufacture injection molds with clamping forces of up to 400 tons for various different materials. Mold dimensions of up to one cubic meter can be processed in our own production facilities. Our portfolio includes cavity numbers from 1 through 192.

Fastener (Packaging) – Competences

Juice Cap (Packaging)

Cycle time and a high number of cavities are of primary importance. Our solutions for these are hot-runner molds with close contour cooling systems and maximum repetitive accuracy.

Flange (Automotive) – Competences

Flange (Automotive)

Technical materials and complex demolding processes are both challenges that we enjoy tackling.


Injection molds for multicomponents are our daily business. We build molds with rotating systems, for round tables, with index plates and with retracting cores. Using these mold concepts, we can solve almost any problem in multicomponent technology.

Housing With Seal (Building Services) – Competences

Housing With Seal (Building Services)

The part is produced in a rotary table mold with retracting cores. The finished part can thus be removed from the mold and the adhesion of the seal is guaranteed.

Slide Rail (Automotive) – Competences

Slide Rail (Automotive)

The part is produced using a transfer system. The mold cavities can thus be optimally designed and the size of the injection molding machine kept as small as possible.


Hybrid components enable the number of parts to be reduced early on in the production chain without an assembly operation. With these advantages in mind, we have examined intensively the mold concepts for producing hybrid parts.

Overmolding Of Electromagnets (Pneumatics) – Competences

Overmolding Of Electromagnets (Pneumatics)

Creating the requirements that enable a metal part to be inserted and overmolded safely in the mold calls for a great deal of experience, which we have acquired throughout the years.

Overmolding Needles (Medicine)

Inserting the smallest parts, in this case in the form of 0.3 mm needles, and overmolding them with two components are challenges that we are happy to accept.


Metal Injection Molding is an optimum alternative to the machining of metal parts. Complex geometries can be produced economically, and various materials from steel to titanium and hard metal can be processed.

Trigger Bar (Armament) – Competences

Trigger Bar (Armament)

This complex steel part was previously machine cut in 4 clamping processes. Using the injection mold, It is now produced such that only minimum reworking is required. The appropriate part and die design belong to among our areas of expertise.

Roller (Automotive) – Competences

Roller (Automotive)

The multi-cavity slider tool enables large-scale production for the automotive industry. The center borehole is moulded to an accuracy of 0.01mm without reworking. To achieve this, maximum precision is required in the die design.

Gear Technology

The production of precise gear wheels made of plastic is one of the supreme disciplines. We have long-standing expertise in the construction of injection molds for gearing technology.

Plastic Gearwheels

Injection molds for gear wheels are becoming increasingly important, as plastic gear wheels are light, corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant, virtually wear-free and run quietly. They are also self-lubricating and have good emergency operating features.

High-Precision Manufacturing

The latest erosion, laser and milling technologies are used for manufacturing the molds. Where our machines cannot meet demands, we have access to various special machinery – acquired trough the transfer of expertise from Feinmechanik Jacquemai AG. We implement complex motion sequences with our in house developed motion controller.


Automation in injection molds open up entirely new possibilities. Operation is via our in house developed controller that acts as the interface between the injection molding machine and the mold. The most complex problems can be solved using servo-electric drives as well as a wide range of sensors and actuators.

Individual Solutions

Complex motion sequences can be implemented within the injection mold using our control concept. Mold, sensors and actuators are adapted to customer needs and are a part of the overall concept. More… (only in German)

Stromform In The Medical Industry Sector

In addition to movements that are independent of the mold opening, signals can also be evaluated and data recorded. And with cleanroom compatibility, as hydraulics and pneumatics are completely dispensed with. More… (only in German)

Die Cutting

The manufacture of die cutting tools has been one of our important mainstays for several years. We offer everything, from the compound die to the progressive die and the process-integrated punching line. Depending on requirements, we use high-performance steel or hard metal for the cutting elements.

Bolt Shank (Building Services) – Competences

Bolt Shank (Building Services)

A progressive die cutting tool in which several part variations can be manufactured. This is achieved via stamps that can be switched on and off, as well as adjustable modules in the tool. We achieve the high surface demands required in the gearing by a peeling operation.

Brake Covers (Automotive) – Competences

Brake Covers (Automotive)

Progressive dies with bending and stamping operations place high demands on the tool concepts and the manufacturing processes. We can offer both, with our own design and our modern machine park.

Precision Mechanics

Due to our core competences, we are able to manufacture highly complex components of the highest quality. We manufacture individual parts, gages and appliances according to customer requirements. Of course, these can also be single operations only. Our strengths include particularly individual components and small series.

Complete Machining – Competences

Complete Machining

We can offer everything from one source, from material procurement and the various machining processes up to coating.

Electrode Manufacture – Competences

Electrode Manufacturing

Our automated production enables us to manufacture electrodes for die sink EDM in the most complex geometries on a cost-efficient basis. Our scope of supply also includes the engineering and programming of the electrodes.

Wire-Cut EDM Or Sink Erosion – Competences

Wire Cut EDM Or Die Sink EDM

We are happy to fabricate customized work on our EDM cells. You decide on the scope of the work. We will be delighted to offer advice.

Laser Engraving And Laser Texturing

We can execute 5-axis laser machining on our laser systems. In addition to classic engraving, laser texturing in particular is one of our specialties. We furnish your mold insert or workpiece with the desired structure. Whether as a design element, for the haptic or tribological optimization. This of course includes consulting in design and support in the technical layout. More… (only in German)