«Our location is an advantage.
At least that’s what our clients say.»

Solutions for tricky, challenging projects are what we do well.

Distance isn’t important? Our customers see things differently: Our location in the center of Switzerland – and in the center of Europe – is one of the reasons why they decide to work together with us. The development of a mold, as well as its operation and support requires close cooperation. Lucky that we’re close by: Relatively short distances, a common language and face-to-face meetings increase efficiency and build trust.

Swiss Quality, Without Compromises
Many of our products are in use for several years with only low maintenance requirements. Our injection molds guarantee consistent workmanship, from the first to the last cavity. The same quality standards apply in the medical and food areas: Our injection molds comply with the most stringent requirements for production in a cleanroom environment. Just typically Swiss.

We provide our own competent new talent: We train polymechanics and engineers in our plant. Many of them then remain as qualified professionals in our company. Requirements are high: Performance and expertise are as important as willingness to take on responsibility – for persons, machines and processes.

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«Expertise: When others give up, that’s when we really get going.»

We can manage complex processes and deliver the highest level of precision craftsmanship. From the concept to the finished product, we provide top performance – with competence, motivation and dedication.

Machines, materials and molds must be perfectly aligned with each other to create top-quality products. Customized solutions can often only be implemented with specialized machinery – and with specialists proficient in complex processes. From small molds to injection molds weighing tons – we supply everything to do with tool making and mold construction. Thanks to our long-standing employees, we can rely on the excellent expertise and wide range of experience of our professionals – a little more with each successful project.

Each Mold A Unique Item
We have an exceptional high-tech infrastructure which we can use to meet the very highest expectations. We have enhanced some of our machines ourselves. Each mold that we create is a unique item. Complete in-house manufacture is part of our philosophy – and our success.

Our people are all qualified professionals with professional training, who constantly keep up to date with new developments. Our roughly 60 employees think and act on their own initiative. They take on projects, monitor the product and make their own decisions.

cost-Efficient – Primaform AG


«Of course money is important.
But so are time, space and capacity.»

Technology, Expertise and Processes: Maximum efficiency and productivity require an optimum interaction of all factors.

We create highly complex precision parts. Depending on part geometry, machining is performed using high-speed milling, wire cut EDM or die sink EDM. We always choose the most cost-efficient method corresponding to the requirements.

Think Differently, Act Differently
We question the familiar, think unconventionally and consider optimization options. We can thus realize plastic molds for multicomponent and hybrid parts. So that you can save time, space and money.

We develop, program, set up and manufacture – the latter around the clock: After the end of business hours, we start our unmanned night shift. We thus increase the capacity of our high-tech machine park as well as our own capacity.

creative – Primaform AG


«It starts with the question:
How can we do this? How should we proceed?»

Our people are creative professionals, who stay on the ball until they have found the suitable shape, the correct tools, the appropriate materials and the most cost-efficient method.

With each new product, big or small, the question is: How can we tackle this? What’s the ideal solution? The journey from the idea to the finished product is always a unique process that we plan and design individually.

With Expertise and Enthusiasm
Complex projects are a challenge for us – and we welcome such challenges. The accumulated expertise, our employees’ wealth of experience and their passion for both innovative and pragmatic solutions are our recipe for success – and that of our clients.

What if no suitable systems exist for our needs and for the needs of our customers? Then we build one: Our pick and place machine is a tailor-made solution. We have equipped in-house development with specific functionalities.


«We are passionate about
what we do. And our customers know that.»

We work together very closely with our customers. We develop projects together and create success stories.

Each company has its own culture, its mentality, and its priorities. These are individual: Some customers place a high priority on short cycle times, while others want to have as many processes as possible implemented directly in the injection mold. From consulting to the concept, engineering, manufacture and sampling through to the start of production, the close development cooperation with our customers in each phase of the project provides the basis for results that are convincing, in every respect.

With Heart And Soul
Can you be passionate about mold making? About precision, uncompromising quality and high-tech facilities? You can. And if you ask us: You have to, if you want to provide services at the level to which we are committed.

Despite our extremely modern high-tech systems, some things can only be done manually. The specialist’s attention to detail can be seen in finishing and in final assembly, putting the finishing touches to the product, a final bonus of “Swissness” that characterizes all the products and solutions we create. Just typical Primaform.