We offer everything from one source, from the initial concept to plastic-suited part geometry and definitive mold design.

Consulting and project planning – Development

Consulting And Project Planning

We will support you in your choice of the correct manufacturing process, in the development of the perfect mold concept and in the definition of the respective facilities.

Development/Construction – Development


Thanks to our internal engineering, we are able to work together directly, are in close contact with production and can thus find the best solutions.

Programming – Primaform AG


All programs are created from the 3D model. The respective strategies, technologies and programs are sent directly to the machines. This can reduce the lead time and minimize the risk of errors.


This processing constitutes a central process for us. We process injection molds, electrodes and mold inserts in soft and hardened steel. We use 5-axis machines with robots.

Soft Machining – Machining

Soft Machining

Our Matec 40HV has two machining zones, each with a rotary table. Parts up to one meter can be processed on this machine from 5 sides.

Hard Milling

In our DMG HSC 65, we prepare our workpieces for hardening and machine them after hardening to the finished dimensions. Using the tool changer with 180 tools, we are able to define sufficient standard and replacement tools to ensure that long, complex machining processes can be performed unmanned.

Electrode Manufacture

We produce our own electrodes on our DMG HSC 20. Maximum surface quality and the finest contours can be produced with linear axles and a spindle with maximum 42,000 rpm. Our internally-developed pick and place robot with 220 electrode trays enables maximum autonomy.

Primaform Erosion Header


EDMis the most important process in the manufacture of punching tools and injection molds. It is almost impossible to produce complex geometries without this procedure. In order for this to be also economically possible, we create an environment for this relatively slow process, so that the highest runtimes possible can be achieved with as little personnel expenditure as possible.

Sink Erosion – Primaform AG

Die Sinking EDM

Our EDM cells are integrated in the production process such that the die sinking EDM and measurement programs are created at electrode engineering and can then be used directly on the production cell. The measured offset data is of course automatically included in the EDM process. With the 10 workpiece pallets and the 220 electrodes in the pick and place robot, we can guarantee 24-hour operation with our Zimmer&Kreim Genius eroding machine.

Wire Cut EDM

Our Robofil 6050 TW from GF enables a high degree of flexibility as regards the parts to be machined. We can achieve this flexibility with the job manager, which has been developed to meet our own expectations, including the sequence of processing times. Together with the integrated measuring machine, we also pursued a consistent path towards automation with wire cut EDM.


Machining parts using laser technology offers innovative options. In addition to classic labeling, texturing, microstructuring, marking and engraving are also possible via laser ablation. Our areas of expertise include complex and filigree machining.

Laser Engraving

Our lasers enable engravings and markings to be realized efficiently. Using the precise laser process means that complex production procedures such as sink erosion or even profile grinding can be replaced. Our laser systems have 5 axes and programming is carried out directly from a 3D model. Our capabilities thus extend well beyond simple laser marking.

Laser Texturing

Texturing and microstructuring offer a number of design-related benefits compared with other procedures. Surface design can be chosen as desired: steel and erosion structures, etch graining, as well as detailed and complex surface machining are possible. The replacement of chemical etching processes is also interesting from an ecological point of view, in addition to the achievable reproducibility. The adaptation of any optical, haptic or tribological structure to a freeform surface is no problem using a fully-digital process. More…

Primaform Smoothing Header


Grinding is an essential process where maximum precision standards are required. Even if other production processes continue to grow in significance in many areas, we will focus specifically on grinding in future.

Flat Grinding/Profile Grinding

Our high-performance grinding machines from various different manufacturers enable us to produce precise workpieces that we can then install in our complex machines.

Jig Grinding – Smoothing

Jig Grinding

When other procedures prove inadequate, we use coordinate grinding. Optimum results can be achieved with extensive knowledge and skill.

Primaform Assembly Header


A substantial part of the quality of the mold is influenced in assembly. These final work steps are decisive for the quality of the parts to be produced and the service life of the mold.

Polishing – Assembly


The surface of the plastic part, the demolding and the lifetime are impacted by polishing. This work, some of which is performed manually, requires a great deal of patience and skills.

Final Assembly

Assembling the exact individual parts into a well functioning whole requires considerable experience and skills.

Primaform Quality Assurance Header

Quality Management

The quality is determined using regulated production processes and checking these processes in measurement procedures. This interaction is crucial for the precise and cost-effective manufacture of our products.

3D Coordinate Measurement – Quality Assurance

3D Coordinate Measurement

The 3D coordinate measurement machines are used for quality control in ongoing production and to preset parts and electrodes for automated production. If required, measurement reports can be created for individual parts.

Optical Measurement

We are also able to measure the geometries optically. This is particularly suitable for small parts or 2D geometries.